Thursday, March 5, 2015

Today's Tao / Nothing is working 11-7

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«My Koan Horoscope»

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1. There is a saying when you use arms. (Ch.69 / Little luck)

2. It's called the beginning of everything, the form without a form. (Ch. 14 / Tao)

3. Not to know "knowing" is difficult. (Ch.71 / Little luck)


Little luck - Tao - Little luck. Do you wonder why you have to be active? Do you wonder why Lao Tzu says that you have to be passive particularly when you fight. Do you wonder why people always ask you to be positive? Do you wonder what being positive is? Do you wonder what is wrong with being negative? Do you wonder that Lao Tzu might prefer being negative than positive? Do you rather feel tired of being forced to be positive by others? Yin and Yang are just two points of reference, nothing more. Some people have added some fantastic interpretation for the points. So, positiveness and negativeness are in fact the same. They are just tools to explain how the Tao/Hologram mechanism works. Tao doesn't have a form. The form you see belong to the hologram. So do your knowledge, memory, and sentiments. Everything seems difficult if you refuse to accept that knowing is not your individual and personal act. But if you do, everything is easy. If you don't know something, it is because you don't have to know it. If you think that you are the one who acts something actively, everything will be difficult. Be passive. This is how you activate your Dark Depth Female.

Please try Koan Horoscope (although it is in Spanish).

Naoto Matsumoto


Rinor Berisha said...

So would yin and yang = tao and hologram?

Naoto Matsumoto said...

One can say so, but I don't honestly recommend that equation. It can be misleading.

Let's say simply:

Yin and Yang = Point A and Point B.

Tao projects Hologram.
Hologram stimulates Tao.
But They overlap each other.
You receive Tao through Hologram.

Thank you, Mr/s Rinor Berisha-san. This is very important question.

Naoto Matsumoto

Rinor Berisha said...

Thank you for answering! I have another question if you don't mind:

If true "me" is tao, then what does receiving tao mean, am I receiving myself? I remember a concept that keeps appearing in tao te ching that everything is "one" is that what this means? tao and hologram are one?

thank you!

Naoto Matsumoto said...

Exactly. Perfect except the last sentence.

Tao = True You.

Hologram = Catalyst to stimulate Tao/trueYou.

Tao and Hologram overlap, but they are not exactly the same.

Thank you, Ronor-san.