Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wheel video / Tao Te Ching Chapter 11-2

Today's Tao

Thanks to this emptiness, the wheel is useful. [Ch.11]

All the chapter 11 videos have been shot except the first and second sentence because at the time when I wrote the articles I didn't have the slightest idea of what YouTube was and how it worked.

I am glad that I can reach a larger audience thanks to those videos.

It is like a vending machine of ancient wisdom. When we are thirsty, we need a nice can of fresh soda pop immediately.

Would you please see Wheel / Tao Te Ching Chapter 11-2 to read the text of Today's Tao video.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

30 spokes video / Tao Te Ching Chapter 11-1

Today's Tao

Thirty spokes share one hub. (Ch.11)

Japan stories

Having gone through the two decades long of sluggish economy, the Japanese seem to be transforming themselves into a post-consumer society.

One of the biggest discussions in the country is about the young men without any sexual drive.

They are called "herbivorous men".

They are not interested at all in carnal intercourse. They prefer two-dimensional fictive characters in Manga, which is printed on paper (grass?).

They are getting less and less interested in dating and purchases related to courting a girl.

In short, they spend drastically less money.

Certainly, they are good disciples of Taoism.

To read the text of Today's Tao video, would you please see 30 spokes / Tao Te Ching 11-1?

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