Friday, May 8, 2009

Tao Te Ching Chapter 1-2 A name can't

Today's Tao

If you can name something, the word does not stand for what it really is. (Ch.1)

Obviously, Lao Tzu didn't want to name Tao "Tao".

The word Tao is often translated as "way" in English.

It's misleading.

Tao is not one "way".

It is a spaceless space and the fundamental energy flow.

It is the flow of Love. It is Buddha. It is Zen.

You can name it anything you like.

It can be called Tao the way, of course.

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Anonymous said...
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caeious said...

I agree. I call it hyperspace. Spaceless space. Thanks for these videos. Very fun. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you, Mr. Caeious san, for your comment. It is nice to share the idea with someone who really understands it.

Hyperspace is another name for Tao, I suppose.

Naoto Matsumoto

Unknown said...

I wonder how I can express "hyperspace" in Spanish.

¡Digame como se dice «hyperspace» en español, por favor!

Naoto Matsumoto