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Tao Te Ching Chapter 28-5 Attainment of constancy

Today's Tao

Then, the attainment of constancy will never leave you. (Ch.28)

Tao is constant and omnipresent.

"The attainment of constancy 常得/徳 [jou toku]" means the attainment of Tao.

By accepting all the rest of the world (=your hologram), you can remember that you are Tao.

This is the attainment of Tao 道得/道徳.

In fact, Tao is always with you and never leaves you (because true You are Tao itself).

But, sometimes, you forget the fact.

It is the cause of all the sufferings.

Please visit Tao by Matsumoto / Chapter 28 / Uncarved block.

The chapter's entire English translation and Rapid Decoded are listed.

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