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Tao Te Ching Chapter 48 Reduce & reduce (playlist)

"When you study, you accumulate your knowledge everyday. When you do Tao, you reduce everything every day." (48-1)

They are ones of the best known sentences in Tao Te Ching. When you think about what the Taoist/Buddhist economy is, they will tell us many things. For the academics, it might be difficult to accept them, I imagine. Let's live Taoism and Zen Buddhism instead of just studying them. Watch all the five videos of «Tao Te Ching Chapter 48 Reduce & reduce».


"By doing nothing, you can do everything." (48-3)

This expression "do nothing" has been confusing the occidental world for a fairly long time.The question is "Can you really do nothing?".

"Do nothing" means "Accept all and emit Love (=Tao, =Zen, =Buddha)".


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