Saturday, December 20, 2014

Today's Tao / Dark Depth = Tao 1-8

«Today's Tao»

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«My Koan Horoscope»

(available in Taoísmo en Español)

1. Intended voices and accidental noises harmonize with each other. / Los voces con los intenciones y los ruidos accidentales armonizan entre sí. (Ch.2 / Little luck)

2. When the government is brilliant, the people are imperfect. / Cuando el gobierno es brillante, la gente es imperfecta. (Ch.58 / Middle luck)

3. Does one have to fear what people fear? / ¿Hay que temer lo que la gente teme?
(Ch.20 / Little luck)


Little luck - Middle luck - Little luck. There is no accidents in life. There is no intentions in life, either. It doesn't matter whether the government is good or bad. It doesn't matter whether people are good or bad. Everything is part of the hologram, which works as catalyst. Don't be afraid of living. Life is giving you the opportunities to send Tao, which is sometimes called Love.

Please try Koan Horoscope (although it is in Spanish).

Naoto Matsumoto

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