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Today's Tao / No possession 2-10

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1. Didn't they say: "You get what you want. Even when you are guilty, you can get away"? / Decían, "Obtienes lo que deseas. Incluso cuando uno es culpable, puede escapar", ¿no?
(Ch. 62 / Emptiness)

2. Have them possess one hundred ten vessels, but don't let them use them. / ¡Haga que posean ciento diez recipientes, pero no deje que los utilicen! (Ch.80 / Middle luck)

3. Five Tastes make man's mouth injured. / Los Cinco Sabores hieren la boca del hombre.
(Ch.12 / Good luck)


Emptiness - Middle luck - Good luck. True you are projecting your holographic world in the "head". So, nobody is guilty. All people are the characters in your "film", or your vessel of Tao's manifestation. True you have nothing to do with the holographic film. If you think that you are imprisoned in it, you have to suffer as if you had hot sauce in your mouth.

Please try Koan Horoscope (although it is in Spanish).

Naoto Matsumoto

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