Friday, April 3, 2015

Today's Tao / The sound without a sound 14-4

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«My Koan Horoscope»

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1. This is called Tao of "deep roots and firm roots, and living and seeing the eternity".
(Ch.59 / Good luck)

2. Where a division encamps, brambles will grow. (Ch.30 / Good luck)

3. Therefore, the sage puts himself above people, but they don't find him heavy. (Ch.66 / Bad luck)

«From Yama Uba»

Well, to be honest with you, I’ve got a favour to ask of you in exchange.


Good luck - Good luck - Bad luck.

Do you wonder what life is? Do you wonder if everyone has to die? Do you wonder if it is true that there is neither life nor death in Zen Buddhism? Do you really want to live forever? What is living forever, anyway? In Zen Buddhism, they say: "No life. No death." Zen Master Dogen says: "Life has nothing to do with death." A holographic world is like a photograph. Life is a sequence of holograms. Let's say, it is like a movie. Birth is a frame. Death is another. So, there is no causation between life and death. There is no time, either. Time is the order of all the frames. Time doesn't exist in a film, but the illusion of time is visible, thanks to the movement of the projector's wheel. Tao/Love/Buddha is the projector's light in this metaphor. The favor that Tao (Love, Buddha) disguised as Yama Uba the hag asks you in exchange is this light, the light of Love, the light of Tao. It is your light because true You are Tao/Love/Buddha. This exchange of the light of Love (Tao, Buddha) makes a full circle inside Love (Tao, Buddha).

Please try Koan Horoscope (although it is in Spanish).

Naoto Matsumoto

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