Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tao Te Ching Chapter 5-4 Never exhausted

Today's Tao

It's empty, but will never be exhausted. (Ch.5)

By any chance, do you know Chuang Tzu's famous saying "the frog in the well"?

People normally use it to say that the person is as ignorant and narrow-minded as "the frog in the well", who doesn't know anything about outside his own small world.

But who is ignorant, really?

Isn't Chuang Tzu talking about holography there?

It is a fantastic metaphor of a holographic movie if you interpret the wall of the well as a three-dimensional Cinerama screen around you, the frog.

Surely, the hologram you are seeing is empty, but your movie will never be exhausted.

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