Monday, June 8, 2009

No mercy video

Today's Tao

Heaven and earth have no mercy.

They treat everything as straw dogs. [Ch. 5]

This is one the best known sentences in Tao Te Ching, thanks to Dustin Hoffman and the moveie "Straw Dogs".

See No mercy 5-1 to read the text.

Everyday a new entree!


Carlota said...

konichi wa, naoto-san! I'm brazilian and I found your blog random around net. I'm sorry about my english, I'm still learning. I would like to say that your blog is awesome. Was great to be here, kiss from Brazil! :D

Naoto Matsumoto said...

Konichiwa, Carlota-san. Your English is much better than my Spanish. No worries.

I am glad that you found my Tao Te Ching videos interesting. I like your beautiful Daqui Mesmo blog. The choice of photos is excellent. I like your sensitivity for beauty.

Nice meeting you. Cheers.

Naoto Matsumoto