Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 36-4 Give = Take

Today's Tao

If you want to take something, you must give it for a while. (Ch.36)

You give something to someone.

When you look at this act from the other person's standpoint, he is taking something.

Please remember you = non-you.

So, give = take.

If you want to take more, give more.

We have an interesting Japanese saying:

"When the wind blows, a cooper gains".

This is telling us about a mystic chain reaction taking place in your hologram.

The more you doubt the chain reaction, the more resistance you create in the hologram.

Therefore, the chain of the reactions will be longer.

Skeptics have to wait long.

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-If you find Zen and Tao too confusing, ask Shusaku Endo for some help. He is a Japanese novelist and Christian. His interpretation of Christianity will give you some useful thought tools when you read oriental philosophies.

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