Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 39-1 Attain One

Today's Tao

Once upon a time, somebody attained One. (Ch.39)

One signifies Tao.

"Once upon a time, somebody attained Tao."

Masters in the olden days used such an expression as this.

A little too often, I suppose.

It is called Hoben 方便 in Zen Buddhism.

It means a tool to explain about a highly metaphysical concept.

I don't want to blame old masters, but it is clear that their Hoben the thought tools have created many misunderstandings among latter-day seekers of the truth.

All right, let's go straight to Today's point.

It is you who attained Tao.

In fact, you didn't even attain it because you didn't need to. You are Tao.

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-Renzaburo Shibata is a good novelist. Although he is very well-known in Japan, his name is hardly mentioned in the international literary circles. He is a comercial writer. That's for sure. But it doesn't deny that his works are a reflection of Japanese society and a manifestation of its collective psyche. Besides, he was a bun-shi, a literature samurai, who adored gambling like pachinko.

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