Monday, June 7, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 39-16 High = Low

Today's Tao

The high make the low their basis. (Ch.39)

Lao Tzu says in Chapter 2:

"Highness and lowness need each other".

One should not tell something high from something low.

Don't judge.

They are both part of your hologram.

If you cannot help judging something and getting upset, what can you do?

Well, sometimes we cannot help it, can we?

Then, don't try to suppress your feelings. Don't try to blame yourself for being an imperfect Taoist.

Don't worry. Your feelings are part of your hologram. Just accept them with respect no matter how despicable or snobbish they are.

No judgement is the basis of Taoism, including no judgement on yourself.

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