Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 39-12 Inexhaustible valley

Today's Tao

If the valley were not filled, it might be exhausted. (Ch.39)

"The valley" means void.

So, Lao Tzu wants to say:

"void is filled and inexhaustible".

In Zen Buddhism, they say:

"無一物中無尽蔵 [mu ichi motsu chu mu jin zo]"

no / one / thing / inside / no / limit / storage

Each Kanji / Chinese character has the signification in this order.

It can be translated as:

"nothingness has an unlimited storage."

Sometimes, I wonder.

All the computer jargons and the internet technology may exist as a metaphor in order to explain us how Tao works.

It is just like Ikkyu's «Yama Uba» play, which tells us how Zen functions.

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