Friday, December 10, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 58-3 Fortune = Misfortune

Today's Tao

Fortune leans on misfortune. (Ch.58)

Some people say:

"Fortune and misfortune are neighbors".

They are the two sides of the same coin.

There is a funny story about this fact of life.

Please read or watch the video blog Favour 13-4.

Sai ou ga Uma 塞翁が馬 [Sa Ong Ji Ma 塞翁之馬], which means «Old Sai's horse», is a Japanese proverb from the Chinese philosophical classic Enanji 淮南子 [Huainanzi].

This old man Sai always say "You never know" and he doesn't judge any.

Let's discuss the reason along with Tomorrow's sentence.

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☞It is like wine. Sometimes we have a grand cru. Sometimes don't. Here we have two excellent Japanese novelists, true grands crus. Masaji Ibuse's «Salamander» is a short story. A salamander has got too big to get out of a cave. Koda Rohan belonged to the old school of Japanese writers. In «The Five-storied Pagoda», the author illustrates the confrontation of the egos of two artists / carpenters specialized in the construction of temples and shrines. I wonder when the Japanese last enjoyed a grand cru year of literature.

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