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Tao Te Ching Chapter 59-7 Forever

Today's Tao

If you have the mother of the country, you can last forever. (Ch.59)

What does "the country" mean here?

As always "the country" means "your hologram".

Then, what does "the mother of the country" mean?

It means "the origin of your hologram", which is Tao.

Tao lasts forever.

So do you because true You are Tao.

Zen Master Dogen summarizes this:

"The big Tao is Juki." 大道は授記なり。

(Juki 授記 literally signifies "to distinguish" or "to predict".  The kanji / Chinese character 授 [ju] means: to bestow, to grant, to teach, to instruct; 記 [ki]: a record, a description, a history, annals.)

"This Juki is 'Life and death comes and goes'. 授記これ生死去来なり。

This Juki is 'ten nooks and crannies of the whole world'." 授記これ尽十方界なり。

"Juki is the realization of Self; 授記は自己を現成せり。

Juki is the realized Self." 授記これ現成の自己なり。

Dogen also tells us not to think like others that Juki will take place after we have completed our self-mortification. よのつねに思うには、修行功満して作仏決定するとき授記すべしと学しきたるといえども,仏道はしかにはあらず。

(Juki 授記, «Shobogenzo»)

Life and death, the world, and your own self are part of the hologram.

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☞Mori, Ogai wrote interesting stories about samurai and their epoch. One of those works, «Sansho the Bailiff», was later filmed by Kenji Mizuguchi. This is a tragedy about a brother and a sister who were sold to a slave-driver Sansho Dayuu. Mori, Ogai was a physician, who served his country as Army Surgeon-General.

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