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Tao Te Ching Chapter 58-5 Eternal cycle

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No one knows the end of this cycle. (Ch.58)

Fortune and misfortune, Yin and Yang, Tao and holograms; all of them are the same, the same eternal cycle. (☞See Ch.59)

This cycle is the prayer wheel and the wheel of Buddha's manifestation (=Horin 法輪).

Of course, no one knows its end because there is no end.

No one knows its beginning, either, because there is no beginning.

That's why in Buddhism they say:

"No life, no end of life / 不生不滅 [fusho fumetsu]".

In other words, we are living in the eternal cycle, which is the constant beginning.

Fortune and misfortune are one.

Yin and Yang are one.

Tao and holograms are one.

Then, why do they appear different?

In order to give us an opportunity to remember that they are one.

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☞It is a good idea to read and compare these two books on Samurai. Inazo Nitobe was a Christian and wrote «Bushido: The soul of Japan» in 1900. Bushido signifies "The way of Samurai / Tao of Samurai". Yamamoto, Tsunetomo was a real Samurai and "wrote" «Hagakure: The art of Samurai» about 1716. Hagakure signifies "Hidden by the leaves".

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