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Today's Tao / Is a bellows a hologram? 5-3

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1. Knowing these rules is called Dark Depth Attainment. / Conocer estas reglas se llama el Logro de Profundidad Oscura. (Ch.65 / Emptiness)

2. No tiger finds a place to place its claws at. / Ningún tigre encuentra un lugar para colocar sus garras. (Ch.50 / Little luck)

3. He cries out all day long, but his voice doesn't get husky. / Grita todo el día, pero su voz no enronquece. (Ch.55 / Little luck)


Emptiness - Little luck - Little luck.

There are three quotes concerning My Koan Horoscope of Today. They are interesting explanations about the hologram. If you know the rules of the hologram, you can send Love/Tao to the world without resistance.

"Miracle is the tea and rice of a Buddhist." (Zen Master Dogen 道元禅師) --- All the miracles are true because they take place in holograms as you drink and eat in holograms.

"The well looks at the well. The mule looks at the mule. A man looks at the man himself. A mountain looks at the mountain itself." (Zen Master Dogen 道元禅師) Thanks to a hologram, Love/Tao is emitted. Thanks to Love/Tao, a hologram is projected.

"Nothingness has an unlimited storage. Flowers exist. The moon exists. A tower exists." (So Toba / Su Dongpo 蘇東坡) --- Storage = Hologram --- Nothingness = Tao = Love --- Everything exists in a hologram in order to have Love/Tao emitted.

Please try Koan Horoscope (although it is in Spanish).

Naoto Matsumoto

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