Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Today's Tao / More words, more exhausted 5-6

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«My Koan Horoscope»

(available in Taoísmo en Español)

1. When the government is dark and obscure, the people are naive. / Cuando el gobierno es oscuro y vago, la gente es ingenua. (Ch.58 / Little luck)

2. Men of life are three in ten. / Los hombres de la vida son tres de cada diez. (Ch.50 / Little luck)

3. Know contentment, and you will never be humiliated. / Sepa la satisfacción, y nunca será humillado. (Ch.44 / Tao)


Are you upset with a decision made by your government or demagogy distributed by a TV presenter? Just thank it because it is just part of your hologram that exists to stimulate you. Don't be upset by your own feelings excited by anything because they are part of the hologram. Just thank your feelings and accept them because your life and self are just a catalyst. Then, you will be able to say: "I just know contentment."

Please try Koan Horoscope (although it is in Spanish).

Naoto Matsumoto

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