Monday, January 5, 2015

Today's Tao / No rare coin 3-2

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«My Koan Horoscope»

(available in Taoísmo en Español)

1. Profound, it looks like the origin of everything. / Profundo, me parece que es el origen de todo.
(Ch.4 / Emptiness)

2. If gods were not spiritual, they might rest. / Si los dioses no fueran espirituales, podrían tomar un descanso. (Ch.39 / Emptiness)

3. By stillness, she gets lower. / Por la inmovilidad, se baja. (Ch. 61 / Middle luck)


Emptiness - Emptiness - Middle luck. Tao is the origin of everything. Everything is the origin of Tao, too. Everything is a god. You are a god, too. This is called "yaoyorozu no kami gami 八 百 万 の 神 々 (=Eight million gods) in Shintoism of Japan. Don't move. Rest below everything. It is Dark Depth Female. Thus, all the gods start working. You, included.

Please try Koan Horoscope (although it is in Spanish).

Naoto Matsumoto

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