Thursday, May 22, 2008

Accepted to Open Directory Project

Sometimes we have a sign for good news to come.
This time it was a little message from Switzerland, a comment left on my blog.
Its words were really encouraging, something I truly needed.
Like anything else in life, when you manage an Internet site, you have to go through ups and downs.
We haven't had many visits at our site. After the three months of intensive work, I was not a little discouraged by the fact.
The moment I was about to abandon hope, a little voice came from Mila of Switzerland.
Thanks a lot, Mila.
She might not know how much she have helped me with her comment.
I really appreciate her kind words. People say that there are plenty of bad things on Internet, but I would like to say that there are plenty of good things as well, like Mila's encouragement.

Today, we have just been accepted to the prestigious Open Directory Project. Mila's words must have been a good omen for us.
Thanks again, Mila

1 comment:

mila said...

wow - nice words and an extra blog entry for me! Thanks a lot!

Well.. so we better keep in touch and you will get more and more visitors ;) and i try to get you more luck ;)

keep going ;)