Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wealthy couch surfers

Yesterday we had unexpected visitors here.
He is an old client of my girlfriend's and she is his companion.
Because of good weather in Côte d'Azure, we have plenty of tourists.
So, they were not able to find a room in a hotel.
They knocked on our door for one night's stay.

Even though one has money, sometimes he has to spend a night in the car. The couple was lucky since my girlfriend was generous enough to spend the whole evening to clean the bedroom and the bathroom.

Then I thought about the same situation in Japan. 
When I saw the Couch Surfer site, I was quite surprised to find some Japanese names there.
I thought that Japanese houses were not big enough to receive guests and they were not helpful when someone was in trouble.
Pleasantly, I was wrong.

There is a TV program in Japan, in which a not-so-well-known actor or comedian tries to couch-surf in the country side.
Backpackers can do the same thing.

Even if you fail, we have plenty of McDonald's in Japan, and it is not difficult to spend a night there. (See "Sleep at McDonald's" section in Asakusa Underground)

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