Friday, May 30, 2008


Jeff lives somewhere in Japan, probably, somewhere in Shikoku, one of the main island in Japanese archipelagos.
I wonder how it is to be an expatriate in Japan.
Having spent more than half of my life outside Japan, I came to think that Japan is a theme park for adults.
A little like a Disneyland solely for fairly wealthy adults.
Why, adults only?
Because you need to have a certain level of understanding about the civilization to fully enjoy it. 
Besides, to do it, you need to have an ample budget.
Though our site Asakusa Underground advocates backpacking in Japan, I suspect that it would give you one dimensional idea about the country.
After all, you should spend a night or two at a fairly luxurious ryokan hotel in an onsen hot spring resort to experience a truly Japanese experience, and it is not cheap.

Jeff-san knows it well, and he and his Japanese colleagues will tell you how you invest your travel budget wisely.

But the best way to enjoy the Adult Only theme park is live there like him. 

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