Thursday, May 1, 2008

Selling your gold in Tokyo

When you travel, it is natural that you should want to have enough financial resources.
If you don't have them, what would you do?
Would you postpone your trip until you have enough money?
Are you good at suppressing your desperate desire to open your horizons?
It is easy to say, "Go, no matter what the consequence is".
We have some economical paradises like Thailand or Bali. 
So, if you just want to get out of your system, you can still travel with a limited budget.
However, if your desire demands you to go to an expensive town like London or Paris, will you hesitate?
Not long time ago, Tokyo was considered to be among those expensive first world capitals, but not any more.
Since our economy is sluggish for almost two decades, the Japanese society has equipped with some mechanism for the lower income people to survive.
You can sell your gold in Tokyo very easily now if you are in dire straits while travelling.
That is the article I write today for Asakusa Underground.

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