Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tao Te Ching Chapter 56-3 Block the openings

Today's Tao

Block the openings.

Close the gate. (Ch.56)

These sentences are also found in Chapter 52 / Enlightenment. (☞See Closed holes 52-5. They are translated as "If you stuff its holes and close its gate". 塞其穴。閉其門。)

"Hear no evil. See no evil. Say no evil", Lao Tzu may want to say so.

This reminds me of three monkeys in Nikko's Toshogu.

Is this a piece of wisdom or just a cowardly?

Lao Tzu obviously think acting and demonstrating are not the solution at all.

He says:

"Stuff your holes and shut your mouth.

Switch off the TV set and don't listen to provocative world news".

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