Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 56-7 Kanshiketsu / Like dust

Today's Tao

Be like dust. (Ch.56)

Try to be the least important being.

That's the best way to accept the world (=your hologram) as it is.

Don't feed your ego.

Be like dust.

Or, be an [excrement] scraper.

Zen Buddhists say:

"Buddha is a dry [excrement] stick"

(糞かきべら [kuso kaki bera] / 乾屎橛 [kanshiketsu] in Japanese).

It is a piece of wood to clean one's bottom after he has relieved nature.

Buddha is the fundamental energy.

So is Tao.

So is Love.

Therefore, please remember that, in every being, even in the scraper that has cleaned many Asian bottoms, you can find Buddha, Tao, Love, or whatever you call the energy.

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-In Chapter 4 / Tao's function, you can find the identical sentences: "Dull the sharpness. Untangle the entanglements. Soften the light. Be like dust".

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