Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 51-4 Vessel = Hologram

Today's Tao

Vessels complete this. (Ch.51)

"When Tao (=the uncarved block) scatters, it becomes vessels." (☞See Vessels 28-13)

"The world under the sky is a god's vessel. Don't do anything to it." (☞See A god's vessel 29-2)

"A Vessel" suggests your hologram.

The important point is that your hologram "completes" you.

Your own self is not independent of the hologram.

Your own self, mind and body included, is part of your hologram.

You and non-you constitute your hologram. Both you and non-you need each other.

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-Tao by Matsumoto / Tao Te Ching / Chapter 51

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☞There is something that never changes, like boy-meets-girl stories. Since the time of «The Tele of Genji» by Lady Murasaki Shikibu through Yasunari Kawabata's «Snow Country», nothing has changed essentially. On the other hand, a society changes. Something that was considered love can be regarded perverted or anti-democratic. You are not allowed to do the same thing any longer. All you can do is to plunge into the world of literature and live what they were allowed to do, in your imagination.

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