Friday, September 17, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 51-7 By itself

Today's Tao

No one has given them a title or something, but it always so comes about by itself. (Ch.51)

Today we have a Kanreisu (a bar / spring) of Tao and Zen.

You project your hologram, but you are not responsible for it.

We think the society or the world exists outside you, but in fact it exists inside you.

You project your hologram.

But the one who projects it is part of the hologram itself.

In Zen Buddhism, they say:

"是什麼物恁麼来 [ze inmo butsu inmo rai]

Where on earth did this «what on earth» thing come from?"

In your hologram, everything "comes about by itself".

It is 自然 [ji nen].

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