Monday, April 4, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 68-5 No competition

Today's Tao

This is called attainment by no competition. (Ch.68)

Why does Lao Tzu ask you not to compete or fight?

Because competition and fight are forms of resistance.

They are refusal of acceptance.

First, you accept the world, which is your hologram.

Second, you are one with Tao, that is to say, you remember that true You are Tao and your own self is just part of the hologram.

Third, remembering You = Tao is the attainment of Tao. This is also called Dark Depth Attainment 玄徳 [gen toku].

Fourth, while accepting your hologram, you emit the fundamental energy Tao, which is True You or which you can call Love.

Fifth, Tao, or Love, is out there. Now you go back to the first step and accept it through the hologram.

We keep this cycle.

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