Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hangover of impatience

I had very strong gin and tonic last night.
I got drunk and don't remember anything about the dinner at my friends' place except a few things.
I was squatting with my arms around the toilet, trying to throw up in vain.
Eventually I came home. Once again in the bath room, this time I was successful.
The next moment, I was in the bed, wondering what is the meaning of it.
Rather, I was trying to convince myself that one should not look for the meaning about everything.
There is no reason. Just accept it. 
That is the teaching of Lao Tzu.
Why do I have to go through this? There is no reason.
I have gone through everything just to learn that there is no reason.
I have been very impatient about my travel site.
It has been difficult to find link partners.
Now I say to myself, "It is all right. The things will come naturally. After all, I am creating everything. Stop analyzing. Just accept my own creation".

I have finished writing on the Asakusa seaweeds. I will work on pawn brokers near Asakusa and how to sell gold.

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