Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tao Te Ching Chapter 6-6 Ikkyu's funny dirty love poem

If you are a Monk, you receive money and food for free all of your life.

If you don't have shame and are able to pretend you are ignorant, you can get tons of money.

Brave boys and beautiful nuns! It is crowded.

In this Spring Sun Temple, white snow squirts.

Oh! Once again the sound!

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Alkinoos said...


I will try to reinforce -if I'm able- a little the comments on master Ikkyu's thought.

'Can you climb up if you fall in the well ?' , Aisop might asked .

Aisop's fable tells us:

' Two frogs were living inside a lake.
In summertime, when the lake had dried, they left it to search for another.
They found a deep well; when they saw it, said one to the other : "Lets go my friend, together, down to this well."
The other one, answering, said : " If this also become dry, how can we climb up ? "

The story tells that we should not carelessly consider things.'

Master Ikkyu was not bonded to carnal pleasure.

He was not at the mercy of his desires.

He just, being moral and with mind without attachement, accepted his hologram.

As a sage he was, he knew how to protect himself, both bodilly and mentally from sexual desire, that is he knew how not to fall to the well. Do we all know this ?
For sexual desire can generate attachement, something a sage doesn't want.
And if attachement set in ,both body and mind could be destroyed and the goal of the sage, the Unity with Tao, may be lost.

The sage understands the priority.

Lao Tzu said : 'Establish order before disorder dominates.'
Master Ikkyu applied that, we should learn from them.


Alkinoos said...


As far as I'm concerned, this is a point we should greatly care, in order to decode correctly the words of every great man, such as master Ikkyu and based on this to proceed to the setting the way of our lives correctly.

We must therefore interpret the form of these texts, not just the content, i.e. to see their historicity and compare it with our own historicity, something that with artistic skill does mr. Matsumoto to the book of Tao and Te.

Only this way a decoding may have meaning.

Do not interpret the content, we can read it, the important thing is to interpret its form, in other words to decode it.

In the form there is the meaning of the text.

For example, one who has interpreted master Ikkyu's poems, should understand how little they have to do with uunbirdled sexuality; in fact they talk about acceptance.

Here is the small but so important point :

We accept our hologram - the hypocrites monks in master Ikkyus case- being the same time responsible to ourself and others, without being influenced by them and without look at things lightly.

We don't need pragmatology, - i.e. this thing is this and nothing else- that misleads us to a badly understood passivity towards the meaning.

So, correct decoding, leads the mind a few steps further.

Antonio García Durán said...

Guau! Maestro. Esto no está en español. Lo he descubierto "por casualidad". Gracias mil.