Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tao Te Ching Chapter 6-1 Valley God

Today's Tao

Valley God exists any time any where. (Ch. 6)

"Valley God" is a literal English translation for 谷神 ([gŭ shén] in Chinese, [koku shin] in Japanese / Hopefully, your browser can show the characters correctly. / 谷 [gŭ, koku]means "valley". 神 [shén, shin] means "god, spirit")

The word "valley" symbolises emptiness.

But emptiness doesn't mean nothing exists there.

The empty space is full of energy. It is a "field" (Zero Point Field?).

The world is the empty space.

The fact that Lao Tzu knew it more than two thousand years ago surprised Fritjof Capra, and he wrote a book called "Tao of Physics".

Anyway, my question is where is Valley God, or the space.

It is inside your mind. It is a hologram.

That's exactly why it is called Valley God, empty spirit.

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