Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tao Te Ching Chapter 3-3 No stimulation, in principle.

Today's Tao

If they don't look at what stimulates their desire, people's mind will stay calm. (Ch.3)

So far, the first three sentences of the chapter have been posted.

They can be explained as follows:

If you don't analyse things intellectually, you don't have to suffer from the ordeals caused by dichotomy.

If you turn the hologram favourable to your benefit, the intention will work counterproductively.

If you know that your desire does not belong to you and is just another catalyst like stars and flowers, you don't have to feel unhappy when it is not fulfilled.

The objective of Tao by Matsumoto is not to analyse Lao Tzu's text for the academic study, but to tell its quintessence to those who need relief in life.

I would be happier if my funny stories about the life in Japan could make you smile.

No stimulation in principle, but a bit of laughter will do no harm.

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