Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 21-4 Images

Today's Tao

Though it is elusive and vague, there are images inside it. (Ch.21)

Images are projected in your mind.

Well, it is understandable. Right?

Tao is the energy and information which create and "transmit" the images.

Well, it is acceptable. Right?

You are the TV set which receives the energy and information and projects the images.

Well, well. It is still comprehensible.

What do you think if I say: "You, the TV set, are an illusion as well as the images you see on the TV set, which are what we call the world"?

"It is not logical."

"It is contradictory."

All right. All right.

But do you remember what people said to Galileo Galilei?

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-Setsuko Hara, the image of an "authentic" Japanese woman which has been lost and probably we will never see in Tokyo.

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