Friday, January 22, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 22-7 Canon

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That's why the sage holds Tao and is the canon under the sky. (Ch.22)

There are some easy tips to decode Tao Te Ching (道徳経 in Kanji, characters from Kan).

"Under the sky 天下 [ten ka]" often means "the world", which is your hologram.

The word "sage 聖人 [sei jin]" is important because it means you. You are the sage. Therefore, you are the canon.

It is quite natural because you project the world, so who else can be the canon?

But be careful. Please do not think that you are going to be a sage one day after all the hardships and learnings.

This is a trap.

You are already the sage and canon of the world.

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-Kyoka Izumi was one of the Bun-shi 文士, which means «a samurai who has a pen instead of a sword» in the post-samurai and modern era in Japan. He wrote a novel about mysterious seduction between a phantom woman and a monk. It is called Koya Hijiri 高野聖 / Saint of Mt. Koya. Hijiri 聖 means sacred. Therefore, Seijin 聖人 in Tao Te Ching literally means a sacred person. In the film on the left, Seijun Suzuki, a magician of visual images, made a film based on one of Kyoka Izumi's works.

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