Friday, January 29, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 22-14 Return it!

Today's Tao

Truly, he returns it completely. (Ch.22)

"Return", "go back", "twisted", and "complete".

What did Lao Tzu want to tell us with these words?

First, we "twist", or swap, the cause and the result. It is Reverse Thinking. The Yin Yang circle gives you some image.

Then, we can return our hologram to the state where it was projected.

In Taoism, the state is matriarchally called the mother.

In Zen Buddhism, it is called Bumo misho izen (Before Father and Mother are born).

They mean Tao, which can be also called Buddha, Zen, or Love.

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-Osamu Dazai's expressions in Japanese seem to be more difficult to translate into another language, compared to, for example, those of Yukio Mishima. Dazai's words have got rhythm. They are the animated souls of his ancestors. «No Longer Human» has a Japanese title «Ningen Shikkaku人間失格». It literally means "human" "disqualification". If you are qualified as a human, we cry out "Ningen Goukaku!"

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