Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 22-4 Before parents' birth

Today's Tao

Worn out therefore new. (Ch.22)

It is exactly the same as breaking the mirror in Zen. (☞See also Tao by Matsumoto / Chapter 15 / Man who knows Tao)

If you want to be new, you should wear out your hologram.

Then, you can return to Tao, or Bumo misho izen 父母未生以前 in Zen.

Bumo misho izen means «Before Father and Mother are born».

It is a very important concept describing the state before holographic images are projected.

To "return" to the state, Reverse Thinking is useful.

Some people thank someone up there for letting them live.

With Reverse Thinking, you live in order to say: "Thank you".

Then, you are as new as a newborn baby whose father and mother have not yet been born.

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-Misora Hibari was a Judy Garland of Japan. On the left, "musume" means a daughter or a girl. "Tabigasa" literally means a Japanese straw hat for travelling. So, the song is about a young woman travelling alone. On the right, the kanji character for "Yawara" is the same one for Ju of Judo. Judo is "yawara no michi / the soft Tao".

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