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Tao Te Ching Chapter 22-9 Righteousness

Today's Tao

He doesn't think he is right. So, his righteousness is visible. (Ch.22)

"You are wrong!"

"I am right!"

"When you eat Sushi, you must not put your ginger between the rice and the fish."

"I know what I'm doing. This is the authentic way!"

You don't have to convince anyone, do you?

Do you still want your righteousness to be recognized?

All right. Use Dark Depth Female technique.

Don't think you are right.

What does it mean by being right, anyway?

There is neither right nor wrong in Tao.

Naoto Matsumoto adds:

We always need innovation and open-mindedness, but, if you put the ginger between the rice and the fish at a high class Sushi establishment in Japan, chances are that they will ask you to leave unless your Japanese friend explain to the Sushi chef that you are an important political figure from Timbuktu.

In a Tokyo-style Sushi bar, ginger is served to erase the aftertaste between a piece of Sushi and another.

At a belt-conveyer Sushi bar, they are less strict, and almost all reasonable bad manners are accepted, including belching and slurping the soup. Nevertheless, talking too loud and sprinkling saliva on the small dishes on the belt-conveyer is considered offensive. Besides, please do not forget that, once you have taken a dish with sushi from the belt-conveyer, you are not allowed to bring it back on it. It is not a question of manners, but it is a question of hygiene.

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