Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 30-11 Strong steroids

Today's Tao

If a thing is strong, it gets old. (Ch.30)

It is the simple mechanism of Yin Yang cycle.

"What goes up must come down."

Now you know the danger of being strong.

It is like athletes using steroids.

They strangely look older than their age, don't they?

Lao Tzu says something strong gets old prematurely.

If so, be weak and stay young like a baby.

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-«Konjaku Monogatari / The Tales of Konjaku». All the stories in the collection begin with the expression of "Ima wa mukashi", which is literally translated as "Now is old times". "Konjaku" means this. Once upon a time story-telling was a job of a grandmother or an idle preacher. The kids without television or a Nintendo adored stories whoever told them. Now people have no time. "Now is new times", so to speak.

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