Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 32-1 Nameless

Today's Tao

Tao is constantly nameless. (Ch.32)

"What is Tao?"

Many people ask this question.

Excuse me, but Tao refuses to have a name.

We just call it Tao for the sake of our discussion.

What do you do you when someone asks you questions like:

"What is a Calvin Klein? What is a Starbucks?"

The easiest way to answer the questions is to point out the underpants or the double mokachino.

I will do the same.

Tao is this.

Tao is constant and omnipresent.

It is bigger than a name.

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Tao answers your question!

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-To while away the idle hours seated the livelong day before the ink-slab, by jotting down without order or purpose whatever trifling thoughts pass through my mind, verily this is a queer and craze thing to do! (Translated by George Bailey Sansom) «Tsurezuregusa / Essays in Idleness» begins like this. Kenko Yoshida, its author in the Samurai era, might be facing a computer terminal and spending his time playing on Internet if he lived now.

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