Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 30-8 No arrogance

Today's Tao

It's just a result. Don't be arrogant. (Ch.30)

Lao Tzu keeps on asking us not to be arrogant.

Then, to him, what is being arrogant?

He says:

"Being a good man is just a result. Don't be arrogant".

It seems that Lao Tzu thought being good is arrogant.

Well, being good is bad. Being bad is good.

Sounds a bit like Honen and Shinran's Akunin shoki setsu 悪人正機説 (The Doctrine of Evil Persons as the Object of Salvation).

It is logical, isn't it?

There is neither good nor bad in Tao.

If you try to distinguish something from another, it won't work with Tao.

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Anonymous said...

It's beyond good and evil, that's perhaps it's pointless to search all the time for it, it's not here nor there. Or something like that... :D

I've missed your posts. Thank you (:

NaotoMatsumoto said...

Tao has nothing to do with good and evil. It is pointless. You are right, Quixotica-san.