Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 64-6 In order

Today's Tao

Put it in order before it has got disordered. (Ch.64)

What is the difference between order and disorder?

And who decides it?

The mass media, the state, or the multi-national corporations?

I am afraid not.

Unfortunately, there is only you who can decide it.

"Disorder" exists in your judgment.

Everything in your hologram is perfectly in order.

Then, what does Lao Tzu mean by "Put it in order"?

It's easy.

Since everything is already in order, what else can you do besides "Doing nothing"!

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Tao answers your question!

☞Where is our «Snow Country»? Don't tell me the onsen hot spring resort is just two hours away from Tokyo station. Gala Yuzawa is not exactly the same as Komako's Yuzawa Onsen. Besides, Japan's social structure has changed since 1934, when Komako (a geisha "Matsue", probably) might have met Shimamura (the alter ego of the author Yasunari Kawabata). It no longer allows a Japanese man to stay in a hotel for weeks while paying for a geisha's daily charge. The spirit of «Snow Country» is diluted but has prevailed. Nowadays, many everyday girls at Akihabara or at Shibuya behave like Komako without a Shamisen guitar. With democracy, some privileges have disappeared. Have romances disappeared in commercial arrangements? Who knows. You are the one to find out in the land of geisha girls, or of Kitty Cat and Pikachu, depending on the way you look at the country.

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