Friday, February 11, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 64-4 While minute

Today's Tao

It is easy to erase a thing while it is minute. (Ch.64)

"A thing" is your hologram.

The Kanreisu (the bar / spring for your spiritual leap in Zen) here is that your own self is part of a hologram.

Tao projects a hologram.

The hologram stimulates Tao.

As Zen Master Dogen clarifies it,

this exchange mechanism of energy between projection and stimulation is what we call Life or Self.

(☞See Before materialization 64-2)

Self is not individual or independent, but a name for the mechanism.

Therefore, Self does not exist as a tangible entity.

"Erase" the concept of Self if you think it exists.

If your own self or ego is minute, it is easy to forget it.

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Tao answers your question!

Ju-on 呪怨 means "curse - grudge". Do the Japanese hold a grudge against someone and never forget it? In general, no. We forget things easily. Rarely we plan well and revenge ourselves well. Nevertheless, it does not mean that all the happy-go-lucky islanders in Far East are incapable of holding a grudge. Of course, some do. They do it very well. They even commercialize their curse. Having enjoyed commercial success, the film «Ju-on the Grudge» was turned into a video game. It is available on Nintendo Wii.

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