Friday, March 11, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 66-2 Verbally

Today's Tao

Hence, if you want to be above people, lower yourself below them verbally. (Ch.66)

Lower yourself as if you were water.

Water doesn't argue.

Water doesn't try to convince others.

If you are in a difficult situation, don't move, or dispute. (☞See No hurry 17-6)

Accept what others are saying.

Remember "Advance = Retreat". (☞See Advance = Retreat 40-7)

When the process reaches the lowest bottom, it will start going up.

"People" are part of your hologram, a dewdrop reflecting the moon.

Don't forget that you are the moon above them.

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-Tao by Matsumoto / Tao Te Ching / Chapter 66

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☞William Somerset Maugham, the author of «Moon and Sixpence», wrote «The Razor's Edge», in which there is an american man who goes to India to obtain Truth. Strangely, this successful author of best-selling novels introduces readers to oriental philosophies in a very capitalist way.


Anonymous said...

I hope everything is (at least) ok with you all there after the earthquake. Although everything returns to Tao, cannot help the feeling (of worry). :)

NaotoMatsumoto said...

Thank you, Elle-san. Let's send as much love to the victims as we can. That's the message we have to humbly accept. Naoto Matsumoto