Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 66-4 Never heavy

Today's Tao

Therefore, the sage puts himself above people, but they don't find him heavy. (Ch.66)


[ima kono sangai wa mina kore waga yu nari]

"Now these three worlds are certainly my own existence."

(Hoke kyo 法華経 / Lotus Sutra;  Sangaiyuishin 三界唯心, «Shobogenzo»)

Buddha declares loudly that the whole world belongs to him.

Buddha (=Love, =Tao) is true You.

So, his declaration is your declaration.

The whole world is your hologram.

(world = existence = hologram)

You project people.

You are above them, but they don't find you heavy.

They don't have to know that you are the creator.

(☞See Creator 4-4 and Creator of Creator 4-5)

Why do they not have to know it? Because you create the mental short circuit. (☞See Brambles 30-3)

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☞Lotus Sutra. In Japanese, it is called Hoke Kyo 法華経, which means "the sutra of the flowers of manifestation". You can see the book on Lotus Sutra and Dogen in tomorrow's entree.

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