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Tao Te Ching Chapter 64 Easy (playlist)

"When you are lost, you are like ice."
(Bassui Tokusho, ☞See 15-7)

"Among all the pieces of ice, there is no ice that does not become water."
(Bassui Tokusho, ☞See 64-3)


Whether you are literally sitting or running around, you are doing Zazen 坐禅 (=so-called "meditation"), which is what Zen Buddhists call "sitting".

You don't have to meditate because life itself is your meditation.


When Seppo Gison 雪峰義存 [Hsueh-feng I-tsun] asked Gensha Shibi 玄沙師備 [Hsuan-sha Shih-pei] why he would not go on a pilgrimage, the latter answered:
"Daruma / Bodhidharma 達磨 did not come to East Land (=China). The Second Ancestor did not go to West Heaven (=India)."

"Gensha's answer 'Daruma / Bodhidharma 達磨 did not come to East Land' was not a ridiculous remark of whether he came or not. It is the principle that lands have no earth at all". (Dogen)

(☞See 64-9)


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