Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tao Te Ching Chapter 65 Integration (playlist)

"Miracle is the tea and rice of a Buddhist." (Dogen, ☞See 65-6)

"Eating food is a miracle. Going to the bathroom is a miracle." (Dogen, ☞See 65-7)

Life is a miracle because it is a hologram.


"If it is not a painted rice-cake, it must not be a remedy to satisfy hunger." (Dogen, ☞See 53-5 y 65-7)

If it is not part of your hologram, it cannot help you in the hologram.


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Naoto Matsumoto


Jared said...

this lesson is very tricky for me.. and i must admit, i don't understand it. maybe i am trying to apply too much intelligence ^_^

Naoto Matsumoto said...

Hello, Jared-san. The most useful advice might be "Check the Tao/Hologram mechanism Shin 心" It is often misleading because of the translation Mind, which I try not to use. Tao emits Hologram. Hologram stimulates Tao. In other words, the true You emit the illusion of Life; the illusion of Life stimulates the true you. Eating, going to the bathroom, and meditating among others are all part of your Hologram (=the illusion of Life, =the painted rice cake). This cycle is the miracle.