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Tao Te Ching Chapter 78 Resistance (playlist)

Nothing in the world under the sky is softer and weaker than water. (78-1)


If you don't know what to do, be like water.

Let's summarise the water-like attitude.

1. Believe you are influencing all like flooded water. (☞See Flooded water 34-1)

2. Give benefit to all. (☞See Water benefits all 8-2)

3. Stay at the bad place. (☞See Water stay at the bad place 8-3)

4. Believe true You are Tao. (☞See Water is close to Tao 8-4)

5. Don't compete. (☞See Water never errs 8-5)

6. Don't worry even if you feel as confused as muddy water. (☞See Muddy water 15-10)

7. Treat your hologram as if water treats a fish. (☞See Fish and Water 36-7)

8. Be soft and weak. (☞See Soft and Weak 76-6)

9. Accept all.

10. Don't resist. No resistance!

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