Monday, November 9, 2009

Tao Te Ching Chapter 14-12 Back to nothingness

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It goes back to nothingness. (Ch.14)

The word "nothing" confuses new comers of Zen and Taoism.

It is because it's difficult to eliminate the concept of time and space from our head.

If there is no time or space, everything is taking place simultaneously in one place, which is Tao.

Everything is generated in Tao and goes back to Tao the nothingness.

Check Zen master Dogen's essay on existence-time.

Master Dogen says:

Time and space exist in mountains, rivers, and lands.

Naoto Matsumoto says:

It would have been much easier for Master Dogen if had had the word "holography". He could have said: "Time and space exist only in your hologram".

Zen Master Dogen helps us a lot about how to deal with time and space.

He wrote a masterpiece essay called «U-ji», which can be roughly translated as existence-time.

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