Monday, November 2, 2009

Excitement video / Tao Te Ching Chapter 13-1

Today's Tao

Favour and disgrace are like excitement. (Ch.13)

Is a two-dimensional girl better than a three-dimensional one?

Yes, to some modern Japanese boys.

Probably not just to modern ones, to ancient ones as well, like samurais.

In Edo period, which is an exceptionally peaceful 200 plus years in Japanese history, some samurais collected Ukiyo-e wood prints enthusiastically.

Beautiful girls in kimonos were drawn and printed by old masters in them.

Certainly, they are one of the predecessor of Manga girls.

Now the admiration of fictive beauty is inherited by modern Japanese girls as well, and it is expanding its horizon to the rest of the world.

To read the text of Today's Tao video, please check Excitement / Tao Te Ching Chapter 13-1. You will find the text there. The article was written some time ago, but its video was recorded recently. Thank you.

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Naoto Matsumoto said...

Thank you, too.

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